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‘In the people we hire, I am looking for traders who have discipline and physical fitness. People who are committed usually have a good chance of success. If they don’t succeed it’s not usually for a lack of trying. We don’t want the type of guy who turns up late for the cricket team, doesn’t come to nets, doesn’t concentrate on his batting, and then can’t understand why he doesn’t get any runs. Whereas if he’s got the ability, it’s particularly frustrating. You, however, may be the guy who’s not outstandingly talented, but you’re always on time, come to nets, you get your eye in, know your game. You always get the 30s and 40s, the uncommitted guy may get the hundreds, but he’ll get as many ducks. When you look at the averages at the end of the year it’s you who’s ahead. We would rather have you who’s steady and notches up. You’ll sleep better. You might not have as much fun, and as many stories to tell, and you may be viewed as boring, but so what? We’re not interested in wild cards. We’re not interested in the gung-ho and impulsive. We want the stable and steadfast.’ – David Kyte

Today we will focus on the on coordinated push back to ATH and the tactical nature of the current rotations. There are strong currents playing against each other and the shorter term action into OpEX could offer very interesting opportunities across the board.
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