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“The four most dangerous words in investing are: ‘this time it’s different’.” – John Templeton
If you missed our latest video update, you can see it here > Weekly Outlook.
Keep an eye on the Twitter Feed for a number of interesting charts. Apart from the majors, we are closely watching developments in GS, FB, DB, Gold and Silver just to mention e few.
One of the most interesting charts to keep an eye out on is the DXY. Today’s we will be reviewing the latest range and what this latest failure at highs means for all of the other rotations and swings that are currently in play. Markets remain choppy and thin so we have to be very nimble but we could be on the cusp of some very interesting moves
As always, there is no substitute for real-time/live action; if you are interested in attending a daily morning call into NY with a more detailed live discussion on all the charts and ideas we highlight/review in the outlook video and here on the blog, you should check out our Daily Webinar Group.
Wishing you a great day ahead.

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