Eyes on Tech

“Many can talk the talk but few can translate this into a decent track-record… the basics are, pretty basic but practice is more tricky. If this rings true for you, you might want to focus more on understanding bet size and how that effects the translation of your edge. Obsessing about entry and triggers, all things being equal, is probably the least important aspect yet very few ever get this. Remember that if you get your bet size wrong, you could end up with a negative p&l even with a guaranteed mathematical edge.”Trading Reflections
Once again, at the risk of sounding like a broken record > eyes on tech. If the big names can’t hold up, then there is very little left to prop up this market that continues to trade heavy with a very different tape than to what we have been witnessing in recent years.
On the DXY side, as we have been highlighting and discussing, the most interesting tactical opportunity seems to be on the aussie for now. After having gone in-depth on the DXY move and what it means for the broader market, in today’s session we will turn our focus focus on yen, swissy and gold.
Regardless of how this plays out, we can’t complain, this continues to be a great market for traders across all asset classes.
As always, there is no substitute for real-time/live action; if you are interested in attending a daily morning call into NY with a more detailed live discussion on all the charts and ideas we highlight/review in the outlook video and here on the blog, you should check out our Daily Webinar Group.
Wishing you a great day ahead.

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