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“Nothing sedates rationality like large doses of effortless money.” – Warren Buffett
Not going to sugarcoat it; markets are struggling to get any real traction. This kind of action tends to be pretty frustrating for traders and tends to tempt us to do silly things. It’s really important to stick to your set-ups / rules and stay as detached as possible from the action. The key is always to try and be as mechanical as possible in everything we do. Yes, I know; easier said than done 😉 Having said this, as discussed in our Latest Weekly Outlook video, there are very interesting dynamics in play and we just have to be patient as markets try to navigate around tariff headlines and the Trump-Manford-Cohen debacle.
Main focus today, as equities continue to chop around at highs, is going to be if the DXY resumes the recently started correction.
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