Waiting for Powell

“It’s not how much you have learned, but how much you have absorbed from what you have learned. It is not how much fixed knowledge you can accumulate, but what you can apply livingly that count.” – Bruce Lee

First NFP release of 2019 but attention will be squarely on Charmian Powell. Will he save the markets? Is he going to stick to his guns? We’ll have to wait and see but the most important chart will be the DXY as the main focus will be on how he tackles recent suspicions that the FED will have to walk back the hiking cycle and possibly even have to start considering cuts…
We will be reviewing our recent and open FX swings and going through positioning in the DXY in today’s webinar session. Remember, as we have been discussing on various platforms, a lot of ‘air’ has been and is being let out of fixed income, commodities and stocks… we are looking at the FX markets as being the next in line…
No change in terms of our bigger picture view on indices. We will be reviewing our roadmap today along with the KEY implications of DXY moves and levels post Powell.
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