Into Tech, FOMC and NFP Week

“The open doors of opportunity are all around you, but they won’t do you much good unless you learn to see them and recognize when to walk through them. “ – Jim Rohn

Key week shaping up as we: we start to get into the main part of this earnings cycle, await this next FOMC meeting and welcome the end of the government shutdown and the return of data releases.
We have gone into a lot more detail in the Weekly Outlook Video but suffice to say that, these next two weeks are going to be extremely important for the markets. In short, for the bears to get the most traction, we believe that they have to make a move here as if the can’t come back in full force before the end of the Buyback Blackout Period, then, shorter-term, the bulls will have an ideal chance to take a proper stab to press back into the 2800s.
Another key dynamic we have been discussing ad focusing on is the DXY. We would strongly recommend that you continue to keep a close eye on intraday action in USDCNH, especially if you are active in the metals markets.
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Wishing you a great day ahead.

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