Still Waters Run Deep

“It’s not how much you have learned, but how much you have absorbed from what you have learned. It is not how much fixed knowledge you can accumulate, but what you can apply livingly that counts…” – Bruce Lee
The levels discussed in our Weely Outlook Video and in our Morning Call remain largely unchanged. As frustrating as it may be, we just have to be patient and let things play out. These last two days of the week, month and quarter are going to be very interesting and hopefully will add some clarity to the bigger picture and longer term cycles.
As far as the intraday action on currencies, we are still stuck in very choppy action around current levels: 1.08 Euro, 1.24 Cable, 111 Yen, as the DXY continues to flirt with the 100 mark. We feel that a lot of market participants are eagerly waiting for sustained breaks and momentum to accelerate but unfortunately, we feel that there is no reason for these move to trigger without a real catalyst.

If you are interested in attending a morning call into NY with a more detailed live discussion on all the charts and ideas we highlight/review in the outlook video and here on the blog, you should check out our Daily Webinar Group.

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