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“Magnitude of losses and profits is purely a matter of position size. Controlling position size is indispensable to success. Of all the traits necessary to trade successfully, this factor is the most under-valued.” – Mark Ritchie

ICYMI, on top of the usual Weekly Outlook, we also opened up access to one of our tactical updates this week > Euro and Swissy.
RTY, DXY and CL are three of the key charts we will be focusing on and reviewing today. They are all hovering around key resistances and how we settle post NFP will likely be key for the next swing moves.
All in all, our thinking is still in line with our Monday Morning Update.
If you are interested in a more structured way of tackling the business of trading, attending a live daily morning call or a more detailed discussion on the charts we post / trade ideas, don’t hesitate to check out our Premium content.
Wishing you a great day ahead.

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